Roof Maintenance

Levine & Company’s roof maintenance services are inspection-based.  Levine & Company, together with a qualified roofing contractor, observes existing roof systems twice a year, including  flashings, gutters, downspouts, and  masonry elements that may be impacting the roof .  The roofing contractor provides access, cleans gutters and roof drains, and performs emergency roof repairs as required  while on site. Levine & Company records deficiencies and reviews the scope of repair work with the contractor in the field.  A report of  findings and recommendations is provided to the Owner in order to assist with execution of preventative maintenance and the planning for future restoration and rehabilitation work.  Repair costs are reviewed with the Owner and repairs undertaken by the contractor are reviewed during subsequent site visits. In addition to an overall condition assessment, Levine & Company focuses on leaks and other problems reported by the Owner that may have occurred during the previous six months in order to identify the source of the problem and develop an appropriate scope of repair work.  Deficiencies in other building systems are also noted.  All of this allows for early detection and resolution of problems before they become larger, capital items and with far less disruption to the day-to-day activities on site.

Clients include:

Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Bryn Athyn, PA

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA

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